Crime figure Zama sends killers and ex-heads of Kirghiz diaspora to Urals 

Crime figure Zama sends killers and ex-heads of Kirghiz diaspora to Urals
Kamchybek Karimov

Kamchybek Karimov is reported to have been ordered by his fellow countryman who has recently been released from a colony.

His fellow countryman - certain Zamir (aka Zama) - sent Kamchybek Karimov killers and ex-heads of Kirghiz diaspora to Yekaterinburg. Zama has recently been released from a colony, reports with reference to a source close to the investigation.

The source says Zama served a sentence for a serious crime.

“He was released 4 or 5 months ago. He was acquainted with Karimov,” Karimov’s close friend and assistant Urmat Kurmanbaev stated in his turn.

Kurmanbaev says Zama has a Russian citizenship. At the present time, he is being searched for by everyone, however the attempts are futile, so far.

The investigation had earlier been reported to have identified the killers.

“They are identified, but there’s no more detailed information on it,” chairman of the Association of national and cultural organizations of the Sverdlovsk region Farukh Mirzoev told

The CrimeRussia reported Karimov had been murdered on July 2 in a district of Uralmash. 2 attackers got out of Volkswagen Touareg with the North Osetia’s plates: first, they manhandled the ex-head of Kirghiz diaspora, then they shot him. Karimov carried a bag with 19 million rubles (roughly $300 thousand) inside, but the killers did not take it. They took away only 2 million rubles ($31 thousand).

When the ambulance arrived, Karimov was still alive, but they couldn’t save him. The killers escaped, having left the car. On July 4, the farewell ceremony took place in Yekaterinburg. He was buried in his native land - in Kyrgyzstan’s Osh region.



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