Coworkers disclose info on officer who hit protester woman

Coworkers disclose info on officer who hit protester woman
Sergey Tsyplakov

The Baza founder told the details of the security official de-anonymization.

The coworkers of the officer who hit a woman during the Moscow rally shared the information with Baza, was told by the project founder Nikita Mogutin. He said that they had received the information about the policeman from several sources.

The Baza founder noted that the coworkers disclosed the information to the reporters because they were unhappy about all the checks that followed the incident.

“Because of that man, they experienced all those checks, in the morning, too – one followed another; I don’t know where they were from but I think that one of them was from the Minister of Internal Affairs. They do not exactly condemn what the employee did but rather say things along the lines of "things happen and he shouldn’t have done that, of course, but it all depends." It was the increased attention of the management and supervisory authorities that caused their vexation; no one would like that,” Mogutin said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that it was not he who was detaining the woman when asked by the project to run a check on the policeman. The identity of the attacker is not specified.

“Something very strange is happening with Daria Sosnovskaya today - the cases of all those who were in the police van with her were considered today, and only her case file was never brought to court. Sosnovskaya’s lawyer says that it may be associated with our thing since the case file must contain the information on those who detained her,” said the Baza founder.

Yesterday, Sosnovskaya’s lawyer Tatyana Molokanova stated that the victim would not plead guilty in the administrative case. The woman was unable to come to court for the consideration of the report since she was on sick leave due to a concussion and a bruise on her chest. The lawyer added that the police didn’t send the documents to the court either.

Earlier, Baza said that the policeman who hit the woman at the August 10 rally was Sergey Tsyplakov, an employee of the 5th battalion of the second police anti-riot regiment of the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs. The project said that information on the security officer had been given by his coworkers who preferred to remain anonymous. After that, the policeman refused to talk to reporters and changed his social media accounts.



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