Court releases MIA Captain Oksana Semykina forced into psychiatric hospital

Court releases MIA Captain Oksana Semykina forced into psychiatric hospital
Oksana Semykina

The Gatchina Court of the Leningrad region has ordered to release Police Captain Oksana Semykina from the psychiatric hospital, where she had been previously sent to receive compulsory treatment due to conflict with management.

To recall, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia, Oksana Semykina ended up in a psychiatric hospital after a conflict with her management, which arose due to a large amount of overtime and unpaid work. According to her, head of the training center of dog handlers called a team of doctors, since he did not like the the way she talked to him.

The story about forced psychiatric treatment of a female police officer caused a public outcry. In addition, Semykina's mother petitioned Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked for help in resolving the situation. The woman asked Putin to help release her daughter from the psychiatric hospital and allow her to return to work in her native Stavropol.

The online petition in support of the police cynologist collected over 200,000 signatures.

In her address to the head of the country, Oksana Semykina's mother reported that her daughter had worked for 15 years at the Dog Training Center of the Police Headquarters in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. During the service, she had repeatedly asked the management to solve the problem associated with overtime work and also pointed out the inviolability of the current legislation and the inadmissibility of abuse of official powers. However, her superiors had not taken any measures to eliminate the existing violations.

"My daughter is aware of several documented accounts of violation of the law and abuse of office by the head of the Dog Training Center. The center is staffed with people unrelated to Cynology. Most of the employees who hold positions of dog handlers do not with dogs, nor did they in the past; at the same time, they get money, bonuses, and premiums for it. The center lacks actual dog handlers, so the cynologists work almost without days off. But overtime work on weekends and holidays is not taken into account in any way." the girl's mother told in her petition.

Semykina ended up in the psychiatric clinic after a conversation with the management about the working schedule. To recall, in early August, Oksana Semykina was forcibly taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a "mental disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia." Meanwhile, as a combat veteran, a winner of numerous awards and remunerations from managers of various levels, as well as repeated prize-winner and champion of All-Russian competitions of specialist dog handlers, she intended to return to the service in her native Stavropol.

According to the media, the dog handler Oksana Semykina currently plans to transfer to the service in Stavropol, as well as undergo an independent psychiatric examination.



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