Court reinstates 'the most honest traffic officer' in office

Court reinstates 'the most honest traffic officer' in office
Andrey Laskin

In Nizhnevartovsk, the court has reinstated Andrey Laskin, a 41 y. o. employee of the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Russian Federation who had been dismissed, in office.

May we remind you that the officer was dismissed in summer of 2016, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. He was dismissed due to having given away his superiors to Putin. Laskin complained to the President that they protected drunk drivers and helped them avoid punishment.

Andrey Laskin did not accept having been dismissed and exposed his superiors in media. He also filed a lawsuit against the MIA of the Russian Federation trying to prove he was in the right.

May we remind you that Nizhnevartovsk traffic officer Andrey Laskin published dashcam footage showing 2 drunk drivers being arrested. He published the video in early-June of 2016. The incident took place a year before that. Laskin decided to reach out to Vladimir Putin and Yuri Chaika after having learned that his superiors had swept the case under the rug. However, nothing changed even after that. That is when the officer decided to publish the story.

The MIA did not appreciate what he did and dismissed him from law enforcement. The Ministry decided that his actions showed MIA employees in a bad light.

Later, the local Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched an investigation into concealment of crimes and even opened a criminal case on the allegation of negligence. It is worth mentioning that it was opened against 'unidentified people' despite Laskin having named certain people in his statements.

Then, 'the most honest traffic officer' filed a lawsuit against the MIA and began a fight for his reinstatement since he thought his dismissal was not just. He did win the legal battle and was reinstated even despite the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office and MIA of the Russian Federation tried to appeal the decision.

Laskin’s superiors used every opportunity to fine the officer after he was reinstated.

“Sure, my superiors did not treat me well (after that). I was heavily spied on. They carefully watched dashcam footage looking for any reason to fine me. They would also start treating other employees almost the same way even if they simply shook hands with me, fining them just like me,” Andrey Laskin told media outlets.

He also added the criminal investigation against his superiors is moving very slow. He is thinking about resigning due to people at his job making his presence there unbearable.

“I do not really want to work with such commanding officers. We have suffered from a lot of dishonorable things. I am not the only one like this here, you know. I have already earned my minimal pension. However, it is very low. That is the reason a lot of other people put up with all this. They want to earn a decent pension”, the Directorate officer added.



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