Court not to toughen verdict to Lukoil Vice-President’s son

Court not to toughen verdict to Lukoil Vice-President’s son
Ruslan Shamsuarov and his attorney Photo: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

The prosecution sought a real prison term for the Gelandewagen silver-spooners.

The Moscow City Court upheld the earlier verdict to Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of Lukoil Vice-President, and his friends Viktor Uskov and Abduvahov Majidov. This way, the court overruled the Prosecutor's request to reconsider the Gelandewagen case and sentence the young men to real prison terms.

Earlier, the Gagarinsky Moscow Court sentenced Shamsuarov and Uskov to 15 days in jail and 300 hours of community service for disobeying the authorities. Madjidov, who was driving the SUV, was acquitted of all charges. The state confiscated Shamsuarov’s Mercedes Gelandewagen G 63 AMG worth over 10 million rubles.

The Prosecutor's Office was insisting on real terms of imprisonment for the three men. Ruslan Shamsuarov and Abduvahob Majidov were meant to get 2 years and one month each for Endangering the Life of Police Officers by prior agreement (part 1 of Art. 318 and part 2 of Art. 35 of the Criminal Code). A more severe punishment was demanded for Victor Uskov, who had a prior conviction (a suspended sentence for stealing): 2 years and 7 months in prison.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office is yet to comment on the court's decision and speak of further steps regarding the scandalous case.

"We can give no comment just yet. We will, when we choose the side”, wrote citing the department’s press service.



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