Court limited term of case materials’ studying for ‘drunk’ boy murderer Alisova

Court limited term of case materials’ studying for ‘drunk’ boy murderer Alisova
Olga Alisova

Earlier the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the figurant was delaying the process.

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow ordered Olga Alisova, who knocked down six-year-old Alesha Shimko in the courtyard of the house in Balashikha, to get acquainted with the case materials by July 21.

Earlier, the investigation requested a time limit due to the fact that Alisova and her lawyer are delaying the process. In particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told that out of almost 600 pages the figurant and her lawyer had only read a little over 30 pages.

In turn, lawyer Natalia Kurakina explained her slowness in employment in other processes and a diseased condition.

Earlier, father of the deceased boy Roman Shimko accused Alisova of using drugs. As the man said, he reliably knows that at the time of the accident the defendant was drugged.

Earlier, the founder of the portal, human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin filed an application to the Head of the FSB Department M and the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Bureau of Internal Affairs that, according to the information known to him, at the end of April 2017, Olga Alisova, through an intermediary, gave investigator Dmitry Arinushkin a bribe of 1.5 million rubles ($25.400), part of which was transferred to expert Mikhail Kleimenov, who falsified the results of the examination.

It is also known that Alisova's husband is now serving a 10-year sentence, he was convicted in 2012 for participating in a gang of black realtors. This OCG participated in kidnapping, murder, robbery, extortion and rape.

Alisova herself was arrested only on July 6 after violating the rules of recognizance not to leave. According to the court's decision, Alisova will stay in the SIZO until September 15. She is charged with part 3 of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of Traffic Rules, which resulted in the death of a person by negligence).



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