Court jailed death groups' founder Filipp Lis

Court jailed death groups' founder Filipp Lis
Filipp Budeikin in court Photo: TASS

Filipp Budeikin, who inclined adolescents to suicide, is sentenced to three years and four months of imprisonment.

The Tobolsk District Court of Tyumen sentenced Filipp Budeikin (Filipp Lis) to three years and four months in the colony-settlement upon the high-profile case of the death groups' administrator, the press service of the City Court of St. Petersburg reported.

During the meeting, Budeikin fully admitted his guilt and repented, the report says.

It was established that the convict contacted teenagers in April-May 2016 in Moscow and the Moscow region with the help of the social network VKontakte and egged them in suicide. In particular, under the influence of Budeikin a 15-year-old schoolgirl from the Arkhangelsk region, who was rescued from suicide by law enforcers, tried to kill herself. Another case is connected with a schoolgirl from the Tyumen region, who tried to commit suicide, but was rescued by doctors. The ICR stressed that they continue to establish people who instigated adolescents to commit suicide in social networks.



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