Court faces video of Mamaev's attack on Solovchuk 

Court faces video of Mamaev's attack on Solovchuk

The subject of the dispute was whether the victim hit first or just pushed the player away.

At a meeting on the case of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev in the Presnensky court of Moscow, officers showed a video of a scuffle between players and one of the victims - driver Vitaly Solovchuk. The video shows that football players with friends are drunk and they are taking the driver somewhere. Then one of them takes Solovchuk by the chin, and the driver responds with a fist to Mamaev’s face.

In court, Solovchuk admitted that he had insulted a company of football players. DVR footage shows drunken Mamaev trying to find out why the driver called Kokorin a rooster. Solovchuk is silent, and then the fight begins. The driver tried to escape, but the young guys caught up with him and began to beat.



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