Court extends custody terms of surviving members of GTA gang for three months

Court extends custody terms of surviving members of GTA gang for three months
Moscow Regional Court

Pretrial restrictions against the dead persons of interest were canceled.⁠

On Tuesday, August 22, the Moscow Regional Court extended the custody terms of surviving members of the GTA gang, with respect to the deceased defendants, the pretrial measure, at the request of the prosecutor, was canceled, RIA Novosti reported from the courtroom.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, the court appointed a psychiatric examination of a member of the GTA, Hazratkhon Dodokhonov, who survived an attempted escape, because he was wounded in the head, which can now prevent him from perceiving reality appropriately.

In order to conduct the examination and obtain its results, the court postponed the hearing for October 9.

It is to be recalled that the five defendants in the case of the GTA gang on August 1 attacked two of the escort officers and started a shootout in the building of the Moscow Regional Court. As a result, three criminals were killed and five people were injured, including two defendants.

Another four defendants in the case did not participate in the attack, at the time of the incident they were in the courtroom.

The so-called GTA gang was established, according to the Investigative Committee, in 2012. It consisted of fourteen people, all of whom were natives of the Central Asian republics. By 2014, on the territory of Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga Regions, the criminals killed 17 people, two more people were injured. In rare cases, victims of armed assaults managed to escape with serious injuries after being beaten. Nine participants were brought to trial, four more were put on the international wanted list, and the gang leader was killed during the detention.



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