Court did not question photographer Loshagin about tortures in Urals IK-54

Court did not question photographer Loshagin about tortures in Urals IK-54
Dmitry Loshagin

Prisoner Sergey Myalichev insisted on summoning Loschagin as a witness.

The Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg rejected the claim of the prisoner of IK-54 in Novaya Lyalya, Sergey Myalichev, who tried to recover compensation for torture in the colony from the regional FSIN Main Directorate.

Myalichev wanted to prove that in 2015, immediately after being convoyed, in violation of all the rules, he was sent to the detachment of strict conditions punishment. Employees of IK-54, according to the prisoner, offered him a transfer back, under normal conditions, if he sends a certain amount of money to their bank card. In order to make Myalichev agree, he was tortured several times.

At the hearing, Myalichev asked to call two men with whom he arrived in the colony as witnesses: the two prisoners who were also at that time in the mentioned detachment, Nikolay Ragozin and famous photographer Dmitry Loshagin, who is serving a sentence in Novaya Lyalya for murdering his wife, model Yulia Prokopyeva.

However, as writes, judge Vitaly Doroshenko refused to listen to any of the witnesses. “Taking into account what has already been investigated by the court, the court does not see the need to establish facts of placement in the strict conditions detachment,” he explained.

It is noteworthy that in the documents of the penal institution there are no records of the fact that Myalichev was placed there. He also was not indicated as a repeat violator. According to the information, from January 20 to 28, he was in a quarantine unit, where all the newly arrived prisoners are placed, after which he was transferred to the fourth detachment. The defense party insisted that the claim had a statute of limitations.



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