Court arrests accomplice to GUEBiPK Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Spiridonov

Court arrests accomplice to GUEBiPK Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Spiridonov
Photo: Kommersant

Public servant Vladimir Spiridonov and General Administration employee Sergey Astafurov opened a criminal case against a Chelyabinsky Truboprokatny Zabod Pipe Plant co-owner and his attorney and extorted a bribe from them, according to investigation.

The Basmanny District Court of Moscow has arrested Promresurs Federal State Unitary Enterprise Director Vladimir Spiridonov for 2 months. He is accused of extorting a bribe from Plant owner and billionaire Andrey Komarov

There are two suspects in the case, namely Sergey Astafurov, a former Dmitry Zakharchenko’s co-worker and GUEBiPK lieutenant colonel, and Promresurs Director Vladimir Spiridonov, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. The police officer forged materials that were later used as the basis for the criminal case against Komarov and his attorney Aleksandr Shibanov, according to the investigation. Spiridonov had previously helped Astafurov extort a bribe from the entrepreneur.

Specifically, Promresurs audited an agreement under which the Plant received 1.8 billion rubles from the government in 2011. The money was allocated to partially compensate for renovation of the military facility. The civil servants allegedly found out that the Plant forged the renovation project documents; it should not have been compensated.

Komarov and his attorney tried bribing Spiridonov after that. They offered him $300 000 in exchange for concealing the information about the violations. General Administration police investigators observed them give the money and arrested the entrepreneur and attorney. However, the case against Komarov and Shibanov was closed in early 2016, 2 years after that. It was closed due to the police investigators and Promresurs Director having acted in a provocative manner, as suggested by RBK Informational Agency sources.

May we remind you that the FSB detained the employee of the T Department of the General Administration on February 14, 2017. The Court arrested him the next day.



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