Court acquits son of Makhachkala Mayor  

Court acquits son of Makhachkala Mayor
Badrudin Musaev

Badrudin Musaev was accused of an attack on traffic police officers.

The Sovetsky District Court has fully acquitted the son of the mayor of Dagestan capital, Kommersant reported citing the press secretary of the Dagestan Supreme Court.

Judge Patimat Makhatilova passed the verdict. A court representative told RIA Novosti that the judge had retired for the verdict on September 11, and the decision was not announced until the next day.

According to investigators, late on May 31, 2016 Musaev was drifting on a Mercedes-Benz at a crossroad in Makhachkala right in front of policemen. A chase followed and the offenders were stopped. Then Musaev and his fellow traveler Datsi Khazamov engaged in a fight with the traffic police officers.

A video was posted in June 2016 showing a Mercedes-Benz driving in circles around one of Makhachkala crossroads in front of traffic police. It was assumed that Musaev, Jr. was the driver.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta was told in the Prosecutor's Office that Musaev had refused to comply with legitimate demands of the policemen. He also threatened with violence to them in a crude obscene language. Then he struck one of the officers several times, causing him bodily harm of medium gravity.

The prosecution had requested to sentence Musaev to a five-year sentence in a general regime colony for using violence against a government official and to a 30.000-ruble fine ($500) for insulting a policeman.

The Prosecutor's Office had decided against opening a criminal case three times (under part 2 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code). The second time the prosecutor's office said the case could not be reopened since one should not be held criminally liable twice for the same crime. At the new hearing the public prosecutor did not show up in court, therefore the verdict could not be reached. Late in December 2016, the Dagestan prosecutor's office approved the indictment and the case was passed to court for consideration on the merits.



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