Court acquits Krasnogorsk shooter’s driver

Court acquits Krasnogorsk shooter’s driver
Shota Elizbarashvili

Earlier he was acquitted by the jury.

The Moscow regional court acquitted Shota Elizbarashvili, a driver of businessman Amiran Georgadze, who shot four people in Krasnogorsk administration in October 2015, Moskva agency reported.

The decision was made after the jury reached a unanimous acquittal verdict having passed 17 hours considering the case on November 15. Elizbarashvili was released from custody.

The driver was accused of complicity in the killing of three people and possession of weapons (part 5 of Art. 33, item (a); part 2 of Art. 105; part 1 of Art. 22 of the Criminal Code). On October 19, 2015 Elizbarashvili drove Amiran Georgadze to the Krasnogorsk administration building, Moscow region. Georgadze shot Yuri Karaulov, the first deputy head of the district administration, Georgy Kotlyarenko, head of the Krasnogorsk Electrical Services, and a casual witness of the massacre. After this, Georgadze headed to his business partner Tristan Zakaidze’s place and shot him, too. The businessman reportedly made the driver film what he was doing.

On October 20, Elizbarashvili turned himself in. On October 23 Georgadze was found dead: it was a suicide, according to the investigation.

During the investigation and at the trial the driver claimed he was only obeying the businessman's orders, since he was threatening Elizbarashvili with a gun. He also pointed out that he surrendered voluntarily and cooperated with the police.

After the verdict of the court, prosecutor Olga Evdokimova stated that a decision on the possible appeal would be made after both the verdict of the jury and the sentence are studied.



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