Court acquits ex-Kaspiysk mayor convicted of kidnapping Kizlyar Distillery head’s son

Court acquits ex-Kaspiysk mayor convicted of kidnapping Kizlyar Distillery head’s son

Former deputy minister and head of the Kaspiysk administration is to be rehabilitated and entitled to compensation for the damage caused.

The Supreme Court of Dagestan has confirmed the acquittal handed down by the district court to former Kaspiysk Mayor, Ruslan Gadzhibekov, who had been previously sentenced to 7 years’ rigorous imprisonment for kidnapping, Kommersant reports.

In June 2015, ex-First Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of Dagestan and ex-Mayor of Kaspiysk Ruslan Gadzhibekov and two of his accomplices Saado Nurmagomedov and Abdulmedzhid Kadiev were found guilty of kidnapping a teenager that made militants some 45 million rubles ($712.800).

The crime was committed near the city of Izberbash on July 5, 2013.  The kidnappers stopped the ATV of the 17-year-old son of Kizlyar Distillery Director Payzula Magomedsaidov, forced him in a car, and took him to an unknown destination.

September 12, 2015, after the father of the kidnapped teen, paid the ransom, the offenders released him.

Three suspects in the case under Art. 126 of the Russian Criminal Code (Abduction against an obvious juvenile committed by a group of persons by the previous concert out of mercenary motives) were soon detained.

According to the investigation, the members of Makhachkala and Buinak crime groups, who had abducted the teenager, attracted Ruslan Gadzhibekov as an intermediary in negotiations with the teen’s father. Being in relations of trust with the entrepreneur, the investigation concluded, Gadzhibekov was aiding the kidnappers in extorting ransom. Under the guise of assisting the negotiations, Gadzhibekov recruited his friends to help him.

In December last year, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation abolished all judgments rendered against Ruslan Gadzhibekov. The judicial board of the Supreme Court referred the case to the court of the first instance for a new trial.

This time, the Sovetsky District Court acquitted Gadzhibekov due to not finding corpus delicti in his actions. The ex-official was entitled to rehabilitation and appeal to the court with a claim for compensation for material and moral damages. The Dagestan Prosecutor's Office did not agree with the acquittal and submitted an appeal to the Republic’s Supreme Court. 

During the retrial, the convict’s lawyer, Sergey Kvasov, drew the attention of the judicial board members to the fact that the testimony of witnesses confirmed the abduction and retention of the teenager, the transfer of ransom, and the elimination of kidnappers by law enforcers, but did not indicate Gadzhibekov’s involvement in the crime. 

The Supreme Court agreed with the arguments of the defense and upheld the acquittal.



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