Cossacks injured in fight with Azerbaijanis accused of Hooliganism 

Cossacks injured in fight with Azerbaijanis accused of Hooliganism
Ivan Spiridonov Photo: Kommersant

One of those accused has lost speech as a result of his injuries.

Police of Verkhniy Ufaley of the Chelyabinsk region have charged the activists of the local Cossack movement, Sergey Kalinin and Ivan Spiridonov, of disorderly conduct in a fight with representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora (part 2 of Art. 213 of the Russian Criminal Code), Kommersant reports. After the fight between the Azerbaijanis and the Cossacks, which took place on July 3, the latter were hospitalized with serious injuries. 

Investigator briefed Kalinin on indictment directly in the hospital. The victim, a world champion in Pankration, was unable to respond to the accusation, because he received a head injury and lost his speech. All he could do was shake his head to show he did not plead guilty. 

The conflict between Kalinin, special forces veteran Spiridonov and the natives of Azerbaijan, the brothers Ilgar and Elfat Musaev, as well as their father Eynali Musaev, began shortly before the fight. According to Musaev, Spiridonov and he had a verbal skirmish in one of the cafes. After which Kalinin set a meeting with him to settle scores. During the meeting on July 2, the Cossacks beat Musaev. After that, according to the Azerbaijani, his father advised to meet them again to settle the conflict. Further testimony of the parties is very different.  

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Sergey Kalinin

Sergey Kalinin 

According to the Azerbaijani diaspora, about a dozen Cossacks headed by the accused arrived at the meeting on July 3; they attacked and beat them. In turn, Cossack representatives say that only Kalinin, his brother Rodion, and Spiridonov were at the meeting. After a short verbal skirmish, a fight began, as a result of which only Cossacks were hospitalized. Thus, Kalinin’s both hands were broken. He was not brought to justice, as he tried to break up the fight.

The defense of Kalinin and Spiridonov considered their criminal prosecution to be unreasonable and intended to get a lawsuit filed in respect of Musaev for serious bodily harm (Art. 111 of the Russian Criminal Code).



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