Corruption-fighter beaten to death with metal rods in Moscow region 

Corruption-fighter beaten to death with metal rods in Moscow region
Dmitry Gribov

He had earlier been beaten; his car had been burnt up.

The day before, public activist Dmitry Gribov was murdered in Moscow region’s settlement of Vinogradovo. He was a head of a Moscow region’s branch of a non-governmental organization Center to Counter Corruption within Governmental Entities.

The organization’s council chief Viktor Kostromin told PASMI the public activist had been attacked by several men wearing masks when Gribov came to visit his elderly mother at about 9 pm.

The attackers were frightened away by the locals who also called the ambulance for Gribov. However, the man died in an intensive care unit of a Moscow region-based hospital a few hours after the attack. He suffered several head injuries and fractures following the attack.

In Kostromin’s words, a few years ago, Gribov had a domestic conflict on the road. He was beaten by three persons then. After that, he sough for criminal prosecution, however there were no results. A few years ago, his car was burnt. After he filed a lawsuit against the Department of Internal Affairs (due to their nonfeasance), criminal case against one of the attackers was finally initiated.

The court hearing related to this case took place yesterday.

The non-governmental organization gave data support in countering corruption to governmental entities, legal bodies and private individuals, composed complaints, offered to represent a customer in all courts and instances, as well as in police, the Prosecution Service and any other organizations.

Caption Photo: Location of the attack
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