Correspondence of killed Anastasia Yeshenko about Oleg Sokolov published on Web 

Correspondence of killed Anastasia Yeshenko about Oleg Sokolov published on Web
Anastasia Yeshenko

The victim’s dormitory roommate revealed the details of their romance.

A roommate of St. Petersburg State University student Anastasia Yeshenko, who was killed and dismembered by her professor, historian Oleg Sokolov, made public the details of their affair. Nastya texted to her friend that Sokolov did not want her to communicate with his children, admitted that she was “losing herself,” and burdened by life in two houses. 

For two years, from 2014 to 2016, Yevgeniya Lukyanova lived with Anastasia Yeshenko in the same room of the student dormitory of St. Petersburg State University. The roommate says that Nastya “was not just smart – she got to the bottom of everything,” and notes her strength and spirituality. Yeshenko reacted sharply to injustice and was able to truly empathize.

Anastasia lived modestly: she got up early, cooked for herself, disappeared in the library and archives, as well as “was glad when [she] managed to survive for 8,000 rubles ($ 125) a month.”

Yevgeniya Lukyanova published screenshots of her correspondence with Nastya Yeshenko.

Apparently, Nastya told her friend about the affair with Oleg Sokolov in January 2015. The professor did not want her to inform their parents about their relationship. 

“Didn’t you tell mom and dad?” the roommate asked her.  

“No, I didn’t. It’s too early. Sokolov said so,” she replied.

Two years have passed, tensions manifest in the relations between the professor and the student. Nastya feels uncomfortable. 

November 20, 2017. Nastya: I’m also tired of the university, moving, I live between his house and the dormitory. I try, I did not abandon the beginning of the 20th century, I try not to hammer myself. Neither I nor him feel good if I do this. Yes, and I merely miss talking to someone, simple and pure conversations.

Yevgeniya: Do you feel less and less yourself?


Nastya: Yes. Exactly.

Yevgeniya: And is it because of Oleg Valeryevich?

Nastya: Because of him. Yes. I was always afraid to openly admit it, now I'm trying to fix it and do what I, as myself, cannot help but do. 

In December, the couple travels abroad. But there is no particular joy in Nastya’s messages either.

December 15, 2017. Nastya writes: “Prague is like a childhood dream, a trip to a fairy tale, although we were there only a couple of days. And we partly went there by accident. Bought the less than a week before the departure. I try to “just live,” although I have never loved this, and save myself, as you wrote.”

Nastya celebrates the New Year’s Eve without Sokolov.

December 30, 2017. Nastya writes: “Happy New Year! I am at home, I decided that it would be better for him to spend holidays with his children. Although it is very painful, it seems to be right.”

December, 31st. Zhenya: Do you communicate with children?

December, 31st. Yevgeniya texted her friend: “Do you communicate with the children?”

Nastya: “No, I don’t, and he doesn’t want me to.” 


The following summer, Anastasia Yeshenko is discussing with her friend, obviously, Sokolov’s wife – the mother of his two children. Sokolov and his wife at that time, presumably, were not divorced, although they did not live together. 

June 17, 2018. Nastya: “Zhenya, hi. I finally arrived home and can safely write to you. She knows everything, but she is okay with that. In general, this should be his decision anyway. I thought about the [PhD] topic for a long time, and it seems that I know what I definitely want [to write about]. Plus, even if I enter graduate school, I’m not going to O.V. (Sokolov – “MK”), because he is a PhD. God willing, everything will be fine.  

And here is the last piece of correspondence published by Yevgeniya.

May 21, 2019. Nastya: “Yesterday, for half a day, I was afraid to call the professor. My voice is trembling. Yes, I think about that too. To be honest and do something for people, and everything else... All the same, everyone has one end, and one does not want to kill his own soul.”  


Yevgeniya Lukyanova believes that Anastasia Yeshenko “loved Sokolov very much and very purely” – the girl supported him in every way, took care of him when he was sick, defended when he was offended. She took up the topic about Napoleon precisely because of him – Nastya herself was much more interested in the history of Russia of the 20th century, and she felt that she was losing herself scientifically. “She rode a horse through stones because he told her to,” Yevgeniya told about Nastya’s participation in the reenactment shows.

Of course, there was also romance in the relations between the historian and the student – he knew how to look after a lady. “She told me, hugging a teddy bear, how they and Sokolov were floundering with their feet in the Neva and how he ran to her, and a shoe flew off his leg,” Zhenya recalls.

“If Nastya called someone a bastard – this is not an everyday thing, this is ideological. What is there to talk about?! It’s not about “stumbled once in his long, honest life,” as he put it, tearfully begging for TV and glasses to continue working. He killed and dismembered a person. A very good person,” Yeshenko’s friend concludes. “Once we talked at night – Nastya told me how apple trees bloom in the Kuban – I cried. It was piercing, filled with incredible love for life. God rest Nastya’s sould and grant strength to her relatives. She loved her parents and brother very much.”

Yevgeniya suggests that Nastya could have been saved – if she had known that Oleg Sokolov was involved in the death of a man during the wreck of a props ship. A heightened sense of justice would not allow her to continue the relationship.

Anastasia Yeshenko will be buried in her native Kuban village Starovelichkovskaya on Saturday.



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