Convict decided to take revenge on his wife and posted her intimate photos on Web

Convict decided to take revenge on his wife and posted her intimate photos on Web

The convict posted on social networks naked pictures of his ex-wife, taken in a meeting room in the colony.

A 35-year-old woman from the Volgograd region turned to law enforcement agencies, as she discovered her intimate photos on social networks, which she said were defaming her honor and dignity.

She also explained the origin of these photos: they were made by her ex-husband during a meeting at the colony, where he is now serving time.

As reported by the police, the former husband initially claimed that he was not involved in the distribution of photos of his ex-wife.

As proof of his words, he stated that the SIM card with which the naughty photos were published was registered to the other prisoner's spouse.

During the proceedings, the investigation established that the photos were taken in the prison room No. 24 for dates, as the applicants said. In addition, the applicant filed a correspondence where a prisoner demanded 1,500 rubles from her to remove the photos discrediting her. The woman transferred I to the extortioner – but the photos did not disappear, and the blackmail continued.

Only after that the woman made a statement on her ex-husband. The extortionist later admitted wrongdoing and said that he did it not because of money, but in order to take revenge on the former spouse for the fact that she did not wait for his release until 2025.

The man caused severe harm to the health of two people.

If the court finds him guilty in a case of extortion, then another two years will be added to this period.



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