Conflict with influential cons could lead to Roscosmos ex-top manager death

Conflict with influential cons could lead to Roscosmos ex-top manager death
Vladimir Evdokimov

According to one version, cellmates extorted money from Evdokimov for ‘comfortable conditions’.

Vladimir Evdokimov, former high-ranking manager of Roscosmos, could have been killed due to a conflict with his cellmates, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. According to one of the versions, Yevdokimov's neighbors of the cell demanded him a lot of money for ‘comfortable conditions’ of imprisonment. According to some information, for the first time he paid, but the second time he delayed the transfer of 5 million rubles ($86 thousand) in every possible way. In this regard the prisoners decided to punish the official, but overdid it.

All 11 inmates of ex-top manager were questioned immediately after finding the corpse, and then taken to various Moscow jails. At the same time the prisoners’ relatives were not informed about the move, and therefore raised a scare. Evdokimov’s cellmates were ex-Mayor of Pereslavl-Zalessky Denis Koshurnikov and fixer Dionysy Zolotov.

A source of the publication in the security services said that Evdokimov was transferred to a cell without video surveillance so that his cellmates could negotiate about getting the money. According to the source, powerful inmates right from the start became interested in Evdokimov’s financial opportunities, but could not fully put pressure on him in cells with equipped with CCTV cameras. Using their connections among prison employees, the criminals achieved the official’s transfer to the sixth unit.

In the new cell the officer was told that according to prison terms, a lot of money is required for comfortable living conditions. For the first time Evdokimov succumbed to persuasions and transferred money to extortionists, but then he delayed the payment of a larger sum of 5 million rubles ($86 thousand). The amount of the first payment is not called.

As for the murder of an official, an underboss of pre-trial detention center No. 5 Aslan could be involved in it, but his cellmates believe that he would not agree to such a grave crime. Perhaps the resonant killing of the ex-top manager will result in underbosses losing their influence.

Vladimir Evdokimov was found dead in the toilet of his cell on March, 18. Three stab wounds were found on his body, the deadly of which was the last blow to the neck, that cut the carotid artery. According to the investigation, the killer could attempt to stage a suicide of the official, since the two wounds on his chest are not deep, and shallow scratches accompany the wound on his neck. A source from law enforcement agencies said that the weapon of the murder was a ceramic knife.

The media reports that Evdokimov received a warning about the attempt on him in December last year. The reason for the assassination was the information that the ex-top manager possessed.

Vladimir Evdokimov was detained in December 2016 on charges of swindling on a large scale. Investigators believe that the top manager together with his accomplices – former CEO of JSC MiG-Rost Alexey Ozerov and Deputy Director of PAO Tupolev Egor Noskov – illegally acquired rights for the complex of buildings in Khodynka Field with the area of 22 thousand sq. m. The damage they caused is estimated at 200 million rubles ($3.4m). Evdokimov did not plead guilty.



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