Confidence in police undermined: Ulyanovsk siloviki get targeted 

Confidence in police undermined: Ulyanovsk siloviki get targeted
Head of the Ulyanovsk region MIA Regional Office Yury Varchenko

Yury Varchenko, the Head of the Ulyanovsk region MIA Regional Office received a service incompetence note. Earlier Major General of Justice Alexey Evdokimov, the Head of the regional Investigation Department of the ICR, was dismissed.⁠

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev issued an order to impose a disciplinary punishment on the Head of the MIA Regional Office of the Ulyanovsk region, Major-General Yury Varchenko, in the form of a service incompetence note (a strong warning that in the future even the most trivial mistake would lead to dismissal). This is reported by Kommersant. This decision was taken following the inspections of the MIA Committee, which was conducted between October and November last year.

The reason for them was the initiation of a criminal case by the regional ICR Office of Investigations last year, the defendant of which was the Deputy Head of the police for the protection of public order of the MIA for the Ulyanovsk region, Eduard Osyanin. He is accused of Bribe-Taking (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), as well as of covering an underground alcohol shop (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code). Osyanin was dismissed and placed under house arrest. According to the investigation, Osyanin regularly received a monetary reward for "not paying attention" to the illegal activities of the plant, engaged in the production of alcohol-containing products in the territory of the Ulyanovsk Region, for a year. The total amount of the bribe amounted to 12 million rubles ($211.2 thousand).

Бывший заместитель начальника полиции по охране общественного порядка УМВД по Ульяновской области Эдуард Осянин.jpg

Eduard Osyanin

Another reason for the checks was complaints of local community members on the situation with juvenile delinquency – the region was made famous on the federal scale after the story of the rape of minor Ulyanovsk student Diana Shurygina, a fight that occurred last year in a shopping center of Ulyanovsk between two groups of teenagers, as a result of which three of them received knife wounds, suicides of teenagers that were part of the infamous Vkontakte community – Siniy Kit (Blue Whale).

In the course of the subsequent audit, a number of violations were revealed in the activities of the Regional Office of the MIA. In particular, the number of crimes disclosed in the region fell by more than 13%, including grave and especially grave crimes – by 12%. Given a 3.5 times increase in fraudulent crimes less than 5% of criminal cases on them reached the court, more than 70% were suspended due to the lack of suspects.

Moscow was also dissatisfied with work in the sphere of corruption crimes. Only one in six was detected. At the same time, the results of agent-operative actions were falsified. According to the commission, all this was a consequence of the lack of an integrated approach to work and frankly negligence. For example, the operational-investigative group arrived at the scene of the crime in full force every other time. As a consequence, the official discipline was assessed at a low level with a large number of violations, which increased threefold.

A bad criminogenic situation in the Ulyanovsk region was also noted in the capital's Central Board of the Office of Investigations. On May 1 of this year, the Head of the ICR Office of Investigations of the Ulyanovsk region Aleksey Evdokimov was dismissed. Bastrykin's office also conducted its own check "on the facts of concealing crimes by the Head of the ICR Office of Investigations in the Ulyanovsk region Evdokimov and his first Deputy Kireyev". Its results were not disclosed, however, the general claims also boiled down to the increase in banditry and organization of a criminal community in the region.

Экс-глава Следстввенного управления СК по Ульяновской области Алексей Евдокимов

Aleksey Evdokimov

It was noted that at the end of last year the city was flooded with reports on cases of teenage banditry. As in the 90s, the whole city was divided into sectors controlled by different gangs, senior school and higher school students were involved in organized criminal associations. Ulyanovsk has Voropayevskiye, Starodamanskiye, Filatovskiye, Molodovskiye, Azatovskiye, Peskovskiye, Monalizovskiye and many others. At the same time, the siloviki prefer to keep silent about the problem or minimize its scale instead of gradually addressing the issue.

The situation in the region began to resemble the Trans-Baikal region, where some time ago AUE movement began to spread actively among schoolchildren, which can be deciphered as a convict-thug unity. It is a set of rules and concepts that came from the places of imprisonment, according to which adolescents were now offered to live – mainly, to donate money to the common fund to support prisoners.

Something like that began to emerge in the Ulyanovsk region. According to Konstantin Dolinin, the Head of the Ulyanovsk non-commercial partnership Parents' Assembly, there are serious gangs that are interested in replenishing their gangs behind the youth groups.

According to the internal rating of the Investigative Committee of Russia, which assesses the effectiveness of regional offices, the Ulyanovsk Investigative Committee dwindled to the 52nd place in 2015, and by the results of 10 months of 2016 – fell to 69th.

In general, the Head of the interregional Legal Foundation, Igor Kornilov, said that the confidence in the police in the Ulyanovsk region has been undermined long ago.



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