Condemned for murder and robbery run away from Penza colony

Condemned for murder and robbery run away from Penza colony
Shavkat Nematov

A prisoner escaped from corrective labor colony No. 4 in Penza on Friday.

Native of Uzbekistan Shavkat Nematov was condemned for murder and robbery, the regional government of Federal Penitentiary Service reported.

He escaped by showing someone else's documents on the checkpoint, it is said in the statement. It is reported that 27-year-old Nematov stole an admission from an unfamiliar man who was on a long appointment in the colony.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs called distinguishing characteristics of the criminal - height of 181 cm, an average constitution, dark short hair, a slanted forehead, an average nose with a small hump, forward position of the chin, brown eyes, a swarthy oval face, arc-shaped eyebrows.

Field investigators of the Administration of MIA across Penza together with the administration of colony and Administration of Federal Penitentiary Service of the region are searching for the fugitive now.

The Investigative Committee of Russia carries out an inspection upon negligence by the staff of the correctional facility. The senior assistant administrator of the Investigation Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee across the region for public relations Tatyana Makhnitskaya noted that following the results of a check of officials of the correctional facility the proceeding decision will be made.



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