Computer Science teacher tried to stop Kerch shooter

Computer Science teacher tried to stop Kerch shooter
Alexander Moiseenko

Alexander Moiseenko was trying to take away the weapon.

Alexander Moiseenko, the Computer Science teacher, died at Kerch Polytechnic College as he was trying to stop the killer and take away his weapon.

 “He came out when that one [the student Vladislav Roslyakov] started shooting, and it seemed like he was trying to take away his gun or to stop him somehow, but he was killed. He was the only adult man who happened to be there at that moment,” RIA Novosti quoted its source that knew the victim as saying.

His friends remember that the 46-year-old Computer Science teacher had been a kind and easy-going man. He was fond of music: he played the bass guitar and performed at concerts.

The attack on the Kerch Polytechnic College occurred on the afternoon of October 17. A fourth-year college student, Vladislav Roslyakov, came to the building with a gun and improvised bombs; he opened fire and detonated the explosives, after which he committed suicide. The attack killed 21 and injured 68. The ICR opened a criminal case under article pertaining to terrorism (Art. 205 of the Criminal Code) but subsequently changed it to mass murder (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code).



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