Competitors threaten Moscow animal shelter before fire

Competitors threaten Moscow animal shelter before fire

The organization counted the dead bodies and announced a fundraiser.

Before the fire, competitors threatened Moscow animal shelter Happy Friend, before the arson. Representative of the organization Alexander Artemov told TASS. The shelter owners found an empty fuel canister near the ruins.

“As representatives of the Emergencies Ministry told us, the fire started in the sterilization room. But there almost everything is made of metal and other non-combustible materials. Also, rivals expressed threats to us in social networks and a personal conversation, so, it is quite likely that the building could have been set on fire deliberately,” he said. “We have competitors. The first company was blacklisted; it opened a left-wing company. It continues to participate in contracts. And the only chance is to remove us,” said Svetlana Komissarova, the director of the shelter, with Rossiya 1.

The fire killed 14 dogs and three cats. The building on Nizhny Mnevniki Street cannot be restored, but the organization has shelters at different addresses. They will settle the surviving animals. The dogs were taken to a building on the Putilkovskoye Highway.

The specialists of Mospriroda and volunteers of the youth council of the Department of Environmental Management of Moscow help dismantle the rubble of the burnt shelter, as well as, adopt animals. Happy Friend announced a fundraising and collection of food for animals.



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