“Communicated 30 years”: Ex-Mayor of Reutov oppresses former deputy for whistleblowing 

“Communicated 30 years”: Ex-Mayor of Reutov oppresses former deputy for whistleblowing
Aleksander Khodyrev, Mayor of Korolev, keeps an eye on his former ‘domain’ Photo: The CrimeRussia

Aleksander Khodyrev, the former Mayor of Reutov, does not give a chance to his adversaries. Ilia Derevsky, his former friend and partner, has been chosen as the main victim. Khodyrev has severed all relations with him, seized his business, and, with help of influential patrons, initiates criminal cases against Derevsky.

The Reutov City Court of the Moscow Region is currently examining a criminal case against businessman Ilia Derevsky – who calls himself a former friend and partner of Aleksander Khodyrev, a scandalous ex-Mayor of Reutov and currently the Mayor of Korolev. The criminal case № 1-220/2016 initiated under part 4 or Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Swindling) is being personally examined by A.A. Romanov, President of the Court. The family and friends of Derevsky believe that pressure is being put on the businessman as a revenge for exposure of Khodyrev’s corruption. In the past, Derevsky had already been charged with tax evasion and found guilty. The businessman considers the current case against him a continuing oppression from Khodyrev.


Aleksander Khodyrev, the ex-Mayor of Reutov 

Aleksander Khodyrev is a colorful and influential figure. In the period of 1996–2014, he was the Mayor of the City of Reutov in the Moscow region. The residents of the city remember him not from the best side. His mindless city planning policy has transformed a quiet science town into a city congested with new buildings and suffering from all associated social, infrastructural, and transportation issues. According to a CrimeRussia source, Khodyrev was accused of financial machinations several times, but it is difficult to prove the actual facts of wrongdoing. He owns penthouses in a luxury residential complex located at 1A Novaya street. Also, the ground floors in the new buildings – mostly constructed by Thentrstroy company – accommodating commercial space have mysteriously become owned by relatives of Khodyrev. 

According to some sources, Sergey Yurov, the current Mayor of Reutov, is a protégé of Khodyrev – who is now the Mayor of Korolev, but still keeps an eye on his former domain. 

Journalist Evgeny Kurakin has discovered several years ago that the Head of the City owns a land lot in Balashikha with an undeclared house. The living space in the main mansion is some 3,000 square meters; there are some other structures on that land. But neither the lot, nor the buildings were shown in the Mayor’s property declaration. After the scandal, Khodyrev had to officially declare the extra real estate – while journalist Kurakin started receiving threats. Approximately a year ago, he was severely beaten, including a broken jaw. In addition, a criminal case had been initiated against him under part 4 or Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Swindling).


Mansion of Khodyrev Mansion of Khodyrev Mansion of Khodyrev
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Ilia Derevsky, the former Director of EGAS Limited Liability Company (currently it is in the process of winding up; a new insolvency administrator has been appointed), has become the main victim of Khodyrev. Galina Khmelevskaya, the spouse of Derevsky, is a cofounder of that company. Another cofounder is Aleksander Baranov, the personal driver of Khodyrev, who was acting as a figurehead. 

Ilia Derevsky was the owner of a restaurant–bathhouse complex on Parkovaya street. Sauna na Prudu and Edem Restaurant were located in adjacent buildings. According to the source, Derevsky had been sharing the profits with then-Mayor of Reutov. Derevsky says that he used to be an assistant to Khodyrev for several years and was handling liaison with local businessmen.

“We had been communicating for 30 years, and everything was fine. I was his assistant for construction and architecture. Basically, we were registering land lots. Sometimes, on the fringes of the law. And then selling those. Sales of land lots. But the conflict was personal. And he decided to destroy me. He engaged everybody. And decided to smother me. And is still smothering,” – Derevsky told.

The conflict between Khodyrev and Derevsky has occurred because of the money: the functionary wanted to receive a larger share of profit from the joint enterprise. Derevsky refused, and the former patron promised to cause trouble to him. 

In December 2012, Derevsky had participated in the filming of a documentary “Servant of the People” stating that Khodyrev had allegedly become a billionaire through larcenies of budget funds. In summer 2013, Derevsky wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin with complaints against Khodyrev and submitted it via Iosif Kobzon, the Deputy of the State Duma. According to Derevsky, Kobzon did not charge a penny from him for this favor. 

Shortly after the submission of the letter, representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office have arrived to Reutov from Moscow to carry out an audit against Khodyrev due to a fact of extortion – but without any real results. In December 2015, in an interview to Novye Izvestia newspaper, Ilia Derevsky explained that Khodyrev maintains relations with Artem Chaika, son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation: they became friends because of a common hobby – purebred dogs. Derevsky believes that Khodyrev has settled the issue with uncovered corruption crimes for $50 million via Artem Chaika.

Video: Artem Chaika covers ex-Mayor of Reutov - assistant's confession

After the failed prosecutor’s audit, troubles have started for the family of Derevsky. In summer 2015, a tax evasion criminal case was initiated against him. On October 27, Edem Restaurant burnt down; the investigation has concluded that it was an arson. Numerous checks and audits have started with regards to assets of Derevsky; many of those had been initiated following applications from cofounder Baranov. 

A week after the publication in Novye Izvestia, Ilia Derevsky has been arrested; on December 21, 2015, judge O.G. Sidorenko delivered a verdict: two years in a general regime penal colony for tax evasion. Shortly after this, overnight into January 7, 2016, a fire has occurred in the home of the Derevsky family in Vysokovo village of the Poshekhonsky district: the main home and three structures located 10 meters from each other have burst into flames simultaneously.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, there was a court hearing of the new criminal case against Derevsky. The next session is scheduled for December 9. The businessman has promised to disclose everything he knows about the corruption crimes committed by the officials of the Moscow region. 




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