Dancing in pantalets turns out badly for Colonel Shkabarnya

Dancing in pantalets turns out badly for Colonel Shkabarnya
Taganrog police Colonel Vadim Shkabarnya at a party dedicated to the Police Day Photo: The CrimeRussia

The Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Security and Countering Corruption (OEBiPK) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), who seems to enjoy showing off, is to become an ordinary policeman.

Discredited by the CrimeRussia’s story, MIA OEBiPK Deputy Head Vadim Shkabarnya lost his job. The story we published earlier contained pretty naughty pictures featuring Shkabarnya dressed in women's underwear, who was dancing at a private party dedicated to the Police Day.

According to our source, Police Lieutenant Colonel Vadim Shkabarnya is to be transferred to the Regional Department to become an ordinary policeman. A CrimeRussia’s source said the disgraced officer might later be dismissed.

Besides, sources claimed that a Taganrog businessman filed a complaint to the regional Investigative Committee, saying Vadim Shkabarnya tried to negotiate with officers dealing in drug trafficking convincing them to frame the businessman he disliked. The policemen were supposed to plant drugs on the businessman, instructed by Shkabarnya. The statement is currently being investigated.

We should also mention that the Taganrog officer has been slammed by the media quite a number of times, the above-mentioned crime and the lively dance not being the first incidents. Shkabarnya was indirectly accused of proxy battles and protection racket.

You may recall that on November 24, the Lieutenant Colonel’s office was raided by the MIA Operations and Search Division in the Rostov region. The officer turned out to be elsewhere, so the searches had to be conducted without him. The raid revealed 7 criminal cases the court was meant to refuse to initiate that featured a local influential businessman. All the cases dated back to 2013 and 2014. What is interesting here however is that they all were pretty far from Shkabarnya’s jurisdiction since he dealt in economic crimes.



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