Colonel of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service dies in Moscow

Colonel of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service dies in Moscow

On October 8, Sergei Solovyov was hit by a car; he refused to be hospitalized. He was found dead in his apartment on October 11.

Colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Solovyov, died in Moscow after a car accident, the 112 Telegram Channel reported. Solovyov’s body was found in his apartment on October 11.

The colonel was hit by a car on Moscow’s Lipetskaya Street on October 8. The lost consciousness from the impact. The traffic police arrived at the scene and called an ambulance for Solovyov; however, by the time the doctors came, he had come to his senses and refused to be taken to the hospital.

Subsequently, the man came to Hospital No. 68 himself and said he had a headache. Doctors diagnosed him with a concussion and offered hospitalization, but the colonel said no and signed all the documents required for a refusal.

It was Solovyov’s sister who called the police, because she was worried that she could not reach the man. On October 11, the security forces broke into the colonel’s apartment, where they found his body. A hematoma caused by the crash was the alleged cause of death.

No official confirmation of Solovyov’s death has been given yet.

The driver who knocked the colonel down on Lipetskaya Street said that the man was running across the road in the wrong place on the morning of October 8. He practically jumped under the wheels of the car from behind of another car in front of it. The accident occurred near the officer’s building.

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