Colleague of MP caught drunk driving deliberately rats him out it

Colleague of MP caught drunk driving deliberately rats him out it
Andrey Dedyukhin

Details of the detention of Andrey Dedyukhin after the company party appeared.

The detention of 56-year-old chairman of the commission for economic policy, budget, finance and taxes of the City Duma Andrey Dedyukhin gots its continuation. Dedyukhin's car was stopped by traffic police officers in the city of Alapayevsk, Sverdlovsk region, on the the New Year’s Eve.

According to, the inspectors caught the deputy not by chance. According to a source in law enforcement agencies, before that someone called the police, and one of the high-ranking city officials reported that a drunk person drives a certain car. Is it revenge?

"Inspectors did not know who was in the car, and honestly did their work, despite the pressure exerted on them," the source stressed that when Dedyukhin was already taken to the medical examination, there was another call and a high-ranking official demanded to release the detainee, but the traffic cops did not agree.

"With regard to the offender who drove the vehicle in a state of intoxication, and this was confirmed by the examination, the police officers conducted administrative proceedings. The collected material from was sent to the city court for consideration on the merits. The trial is scheduled for January 18, 2018," said Valery Gorelykh, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region.

The Interior Ministry also noted that police sergeant Alexey Gorbunov, who identified a drunk driver, will be awarded for conscientious fulfillment of his duties.

Andrey Dedyukhin is a member of the United Russia party. After the scandal with the detention the party immediately reacted.

"We instructed the local political council of the party to consider the case. There are no untouchables in our party. In addition, we sent a letter to the head of the Alapayevsky police with the request to encourage the principal Senior Sergeant. In the event that he has any problems in the service after this incident, we will provide him with all possible support," Alexander Kosintsev, the head of the executive committee of United Russia in the Sverdlovsk region, told URA.RU.



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