Russia’s MP denies having citizenship and real estate in Malta

Russia’s MP denies having citizenship and real estate in Malta
Alexey Mazurov

Transparency admitted that it made a mistake in the previously published material and apologized to the deputy.

Moscow deputy from the United Russia party Alexey Mazurov denied that he had Maltese citizenship and real estate in this country. As reported by Meduza, previously published materials of Transparency International Russia proved to be unreliable. The NGO found that in 2015 the Government Gazette published a list of those who received the citizenship of Malta, among whom there were deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Alexey Mazurov and members of his family, as well as deputy of the urban district of Lobny Igor Khodin. To obtain citizenship, the Mazurov family acquired an apartment in a mortgage.

"It states that the ownership of an apartment worth 1.5 million euros belongs to Alexey Borisovich Mazurov and his wife Irina. But my spouse's name is Natalya Borisovna Mazurova, this has nothing to do with me," said the deputy.

Later, Transparency admitted that it made a mistake. The site of the organization notes that the real estate in Malta has been acquired by the namesake of the Parliamentarian. The fighters against corruption apologized to Mazurov for their "annoying mistake." The refutation on Maltese citizenship of the deputy Hodin was not published.

Transparency has already appealed to the Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow region with a request to verify this information. In the event that the data on the dual citizenship of the deputy is confirmed, he will have to hand over his mandate pre-term. According to the law in Russia, deputies of all levels are forbidden to have foreign citizenship or a residence permit.



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