Coffin used as battering ram during shootout in Leningrad region 

Coffin used as battering ram during shootout in Leningrad region

There was a shootout between cemetery guards and funeral service employees at a funeral in the Leningrad region.

At a cemetery in Kuzmolovsky village, Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, there was a fight with shooting, 47news reports. The incident took place on July 10. According to the publication, the conflict broke out between employees of the ritual company Kameya and cemetery guards. 

The guards did not let a minibus with a coffin containing the body of a 55-year-old woman into the parking lot of the cemetery. As a result, funeral service employees had to carry the coffin themselves. At the same time, employees of the municipal public institution “Specialized Burial and Funeral Business Service” founded by the Kuzmolovsky village administration tried to prevent them from doing it. One of the cemetery guards opened fire with a gas or rubber-bullet handgun. In the video from the scene, people are using the coffin as a battering ram, almost dropping it. 

Some time later, the police arrived and detained one of the cemetery guards. 

Video: 47news: Dead woman’s relatives breaking through Kuzmolovo cemetery gate carrying a coffin  

According to Director of the municipal public institution Yury Spitsyn, when the car with the coffin arrived at the cemetery, we asked the relatives to provide the documents – a death certificate, a statement, and a contract. 

“But we were refused. At the same time, we are the only service working at the cemetery. It is necessary to register the burial. The relatives were asked to provide for all official arrangements. In response, all this pushing and shoving began, so we had to call the police. I don’t know who was shooting,” Spitsyn said. 

In turn, Kameya Director Irina Mazurenko told 47news that the company has been working at the Kuzmolovskoye cemetery since 1994 and that the contract is for 50 years. An employee of the company, Marina Butusova, said that Kameya services cost 6,000 rubles ($95), while the municipal public institution requires twice as much. 

According to Head of the Kuzmolovsky village, Viktor Voronin, the municipal public institution was established by the decision of the Council of Deputies in 2017. He noted that Kameya did not work in the cemetery for a while, however, in April, it continued to offer burial services. 

Mazurenko noted that Kameya sued the cemetery administration, and a decision was made in favor of the company. In turn, Voronin said that the administration has a statement of the prosecutor's office, which supports the city authorities. The company’s work was hindered only after the decision of the court of third instance. 

Video: 47news: Police arrives at Kuzmolovo cemetery 

It is noted that the funeral ceremony did take place that day. 

Kameya was created by brothers Boris and Mikhail Liokumovich, who have been in business since the late 1980s. The graves of representatives of the Tambov OCG headed by ‘St. Petersburg Night Governor’ Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin are located at the cemetery. In addition, judo coach of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Anatoly Rakhlin, and Vice Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, who died in an accident, Pavel Soltan, as well as his spouse are also buried at Kuzmolovo cemetery.



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