Coach who staged massacre in Roma settlement detained in Yekaterinburg

Coach who staged massacre in Roma settlement detained in Yekaterinburg
Oleg Shishov (left) and Aleksandr Dutov Jr. with a shotgun wrapped in a sheet

Law enforcement bodies suspect the founder of Khrabr fight club Nikita Maltsev of transferring a bribe.

Law enforcement bodies of Yekaterinburg have detained a well-known hand combat coach Nikita Maltsev. According to the operatives, it were his disciples who staged a brutal massacre in a Roma settlement on September 3, 2016.

The detention of Maltsev took place on Friday, January 13; security officials do not specify the nature of the claims against him, but it is known that he is a defendant in a criminal case related to extortion.

Employees of the regional FSB participated in the athlete's detention. The man is charged as an intermediary in the transmission of a bribe. "Maltsev used to be a mediator in various "muddy" schemes for a long time; it is possible that he acted as blanket of protection for some businessmen. These methods of criminal activity are often associated with reception of money," the law enforcers told media representatives.

It should be added that Nikita Maltsev's name became widely known after the bloody clash between businessman Oleg Shishov and the athlete's apprentice related to the Ogly clan and Dima 'Tsygan' Pestrikov.

Let us recall that the incident took place on September 3 last year and ended up with a brutal massacre, in which two people were killed: MMA fighters Kirill Shtripling and Ilya Tashimov. Surviving participants of the mass brawl both from Maltsev's side and from that of Ogly with Pestrikov are currently under investigation.



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