Co-owner of company supplying weapons to Ukrainian army detained for attempt on Babchenko

Co-owner of company supplying weapons to Ukrainian army detained for attempt on Babchenko

Boris German has a stake in the Kiev arms factory Schmeisser.

The lawyer of Boris German, who was detained for the attempt on Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, spoke about his client.

On his Facebook page, he stated that German is a co-founder of the German-Ukrainian Weapons Enterprise Schmeisser. The enterprise is private, but has a long and close relationship with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the lawyer writes.

The businessman himself is known for his volunteer activity for the needs of Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation.

“It is his optics that is installed on our snipers’ rifles, it is he who upgrades and creates the most powerful sniper complexes on the basis of existing army weapons,” the lawyer said.

According to SPARK, Boris German is actually a co-owner of the Ukrainian-German Weapons Enterprise Schmeisser which is registered at the address: Vyshneve, Kyiv Region, Svyatoshinskaya, 40.

A former employee of Schmeisser told RBC that Boris German is the founder of the company.

It is to be noted that the SBU is asking the court to take German into custody, while his defense is trying to challenge the pre-trial restriction. The lawyer notes that in German’s correspondence in messengers, which the investigation uses as evidence, “there is everything, except for murder.”

It is to be recalled that on the murder of Babchenko the media reported earlier this week. The next day, it transpired that the crime was staged and the journalist is actually alive. The Ukrainian special services said that the order for the murder came to German from Russia. He was allegedly promised $ 30 thousand for the murder of 30 people all over Ukraine and the organization of stashes with weapons. SBU also published a video of his detention.



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