Citizen of Primorye detained for lynching of 5th grader

Citizen of Primorye detained for lynching of 5th grader

The media earlier reported the man had shoved the boy’s head down a toilet bowl for hooliganism.

Man who is being suspected of beating a 12-year-old 5th grader in a school in a town of Bolshoy Kamen has been detained, reports TASS. The boy had hit the daughter of the father who took justice into his own hands. The girl’s got a lacerated spleen, repors TVK. Parents of the hooligan’s agemates had earlier repeatedly complained about the boy to the school authorities, but the school’s principal ignored them.

“The boy was not beaten or manhandled by anyone. His head was just… hmm… for educational purposes… dipped into the toilet bowl. The spouse just lost temper, because the boy started using foul language: shouting at an adult man who just wanted to talk to him,” Olga Kozlova, a mother of one of the schoolgirls, said.

Neighbour of the family of the 5th grader said his father and grandfather had been stabbed, his mother is in a hospital, and the only guardian is his grandmother whose health declined when she learnt about the incident.

Investigative bodies initiated a criminal case under article 116 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Battery or the commission of similar violent actions, which have caused physical pain). The eyewitnesses say the 5th grader felt okay after the so-called lynching and had fun with classmates.

The school’s principal and the boy’s supervising teacher were terminated.



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