Chuvashia ex-Deputy Minister of Sports Atamanov demands to return his driving licence

Chuvashia ex-Deputy Minister of Sports Atamanov demands to return his driving licence
Boris Atamanov, the former Deputy Minister of Sports

The Chuvashia former Deputy Minister of Sports Boris Atamanov tries to challenge the previously made court decision and return his driver's license.

Proceedings in the case of drunk driving continue in the Republic of Chuvashia; the former Deputy Minister of Sports Boris Atamanov has filed an appeal and intends to challenge the previously issued judgment, under which he had been deprived of a driving license for eighteen months, as well as forced to pay an administrative fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles (part 1 of Art. 12.26 of the Russian Code of Administrative Procedure).

Let us recall, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, in mid-August this year, traffic police officers brought the Chuvashia Deputy Minister of Sports Boris Atamanov to administrative responsibility for driving a service vehicle Niva Chevrolet while in a drunken state. The official refused to undergo medical examination. Following that, as the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate reports, five administrative reports were issued, including refusal of medical examination, missing traveling documents, missing certificate of registration, no pre-trip medical check-up and medical control.

Back then, locals contributed to the official's detention. As it turned out, on that August day, he and his wife landed on the coast of one of the recreation centers in Cheboksary. Both were drunk and had a quarrel with the tourists; after that Boris Atamanov climbed behind the wheel of the service car and wanted to leave the coast. The locals immediately reported on the situation to the police, and the official was arrested by traffic police officers. The drunken couple made a scene before the law enforcement officers, saying both of them are members of the Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia political party), and trying to figure out who set them up. Moreover, the deputy refused to sign a police report and pass a medical examination.

A minimum penalty in the form of driver's license deprivation for eighteen months and a fine of 30 thousand rubles was appointed for refusing from medical examination. In addition, the official was dismissed from the ministry. Not wanting to put up with this decision, Atamanov filed an appeal, after which the court requested additional materials proving his innocence.



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