Chuvash civil servant hastily resigns after drunken car accident

Chuvash civil servant hastily resigns after drunken car accident
Sergey Ermolaev

Head of the republic village got into a car accident while drunk, and resigned.

The Head of the Morgaushskoe village, Chuvash Republic wrote a resignation letter after getting into a car accident while drunk.

Sergey Ermolaev was the village Head for 4 years, according to regional media outlets. He hastily announced his resignation the day before. He resigned voluntarily, according to the official version. However, the real reason for the resignation is Ermolaev getting into a scandal the day before; he got into a car accident while heavily drunk.

It was the owner of the car that Ermolaev smashed into who reported the accident to the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, according to preliminary reports. The owner lives in the village. The drunk civil servant took off after getting into the accident.

The police found the runaway, took him to police station, and had him have a medical examination that proved he was drunk.

The civil servant tried to offer an excuse to police officers and claimed it was not him who drove the take-home car but his driver. However, the driver refused to cover his boss.

Police officers filled out several charge sheets containing accusation against Ermolaev. The civil servant decided to write a resignation letter once he sobered up and realized what he got himself into.

Regional media outlets also reported on Ermolaev having held a meeting with local residents in a local club the day before the scandalous accident. He reported on what he had done as the village Head. Media outlets were outraged over 50 ruble entry free. Authorized agencies and the Republic authority are looking into this matter.



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