China blocked WhatsApp

China blocked WhatsApp

The Chinese authorities have blocked the WhatsApp messenger on the territory of the country, the New York Times reports.⁠

It was the last product of Facebook, which until recently was available to citizens of the country. Previously, the authorities blocked the social network itself, as well as Instagram.

Disruptions in the WhatsApp operation were observed back in July, the newspaper writes. Then the video chat ceased to work, it became impossible to transfer files and images, and send voice messages. Now the exchange of text messages has become unavailable.

The newspaper notes that the intensification of censorship became especially noticeable before the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China, which will be held on October 18. The country blocks access to social networks that are not controlled by the government. Citizens have to use the WeChat messenger, which passes personal data of users to authorities.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing sources, that Facebook launched a secret application Colorful Balloons to exchange photos in China. It resembles Facebook's Moments application. The authorization in the application passes through WeChat.

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