Chief physician resigns after patient complains to Putin

Chief physician resigns after patient complains to Putin
Chief Physician Yuri Shiryaev

Chief physician Yuri Shiryaev applied for resignation. Oncological patient Darya Starikova complained about his hospital during the live broadcast nationwide phone-in.

Yuri Shiryaev, the head physician of Apatitsk-Kirov Central Town Hospital, where the oncological patient had been diagnosed, resigned. Shiryaev stated this in an interview to RBC saying he has already handed the resignation notice to Murmansk Minister of Health Valery Peretrukhin. "I do not know whether the minister has signed my resignation notice or not," Shiryaev said.

"We went back to where we started 3 years ago, if not earlier. People are screaming again, hatred between patients and doctors, and what’s more: between two towns! Many of our doctors are upset! Not everyone, but many who really want to change things for the better," he added.

Darya Starikova said during the live broadcast that she had been diagnosed with the fourth stage of cancer too late. Before the diagnosis, doctors believed that she had degenerative spine disease. It was later in Murmansk that the woman was diagnosed with oncology.

"Because I was initially diagnosed with degenerative spine disease, it was too late for the treatment," she said.

After the phone-in, Starikova was hospitalized at Herzen’s Oncology Institute in Moscow. The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case on negligence after Starikova turned to Putin.

Murmansk Duma deputy Alexander Makarevich told RBC that the deputies had sent complaints to the presidential administration addressing the state of the healthcare system in the region already in October 2016.



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