Chief of Moscow SIZO replaced after murder of Roscosmos top manager

Chief of Moscow SIZO replaced after murder of Roscosmos top manager

After the assassination of Evdokimov, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office began an investigation in the pretrial detention center (SIZO) No. 5. As a result, the audit showed that the murder was due to violations of the law, which the employees of the detention center admitted.⁠

The Moscow SIZO No. 5 Vodnik replaced leadership; Denis Papusha from the Krasnodar region was appointed the new chief. This is reported by Dozhd with the reference to the representatives of the Public Monitoring Commission.

It is noted that the change of leadership occurred after the audit, which was organized because of the murder of the former executive director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, in the cell. Whether this is the reason for the resignation of acting head of the detention center Alexey Gorbachev it is not specified.

Whether Gorbachev is appointed to some new position is also not reported.

On March 18, Evdokimov's body with stab wounds was found in the toilet of one of the cells of the SIZO Vodnik. At first it was assumed that he could commit suicide, but then a murder case was initiated. About the detainees in this case nothing was reported, Evdokimov's cellmates said that at the time of the murder they were sleeping.

The check of the SIZO's work showed that the institution's employees committed violations that could lead to the murder. It was noted that shortly before the murder Evdokimov was transferred to a cell where there was no video surveillance.



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