Chief of Kemerovo's fire department charged with criminal negligence

Chief of Kemerovo's fire department charged with criminal negligence
Sergei Genin (on the right)

According to investigators, the rescuer ignored the words of an eyewitness who told that people are locked up on the fourth floor of the cinema.

In Kemerovo, the Investigation Committee brought charges under part 3 of Art. 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (neglect or duty, which has entailed by negligence the death of two or more persons) against the head of the guard of firefighting unit No. 2, Sergei Genin, reports the Telegram channel of the IC.

Commander of the unit of the gas and smoke protection service Sergei Genin, together with his subordinates, participated in extinguishing the fire in the Kemerovo shopping and entertainment center Zimnyaya Vishnya.

According to the investigation, Genin did not listen to an eyewitness who told that people were locked up on the fourth floor in the cinema hall, and showed the fireman the shortest path to the scene. Instead, the commander sent the unit to the far ladder and lost the time to save people, says the IC.

According to the agency, as a result of Genin’s negligent actions, at least 37 people, who were in a fire in the cinema, died. In the near future, the investigation will file a petition for a pre-trial restriction measure against the fireman.

In turn, the Emergency Situations Ministry told that Genin acted according to the statute and “was guided by the principle of one-man management, prescribed in official documents.” The department reported that Genin could not fail to fulfill the command of the head of fire extinguishing squad and had no right to be guided by eyewitnesses’ instructions.

In March, a fire occurred in the shopping center Zimnyaya Vishnya, in which 64 people died; 41 of them were children, most of whom came to the cinema to see a cartoon. During the fire, the audience decided not to try to leave the building on their own, plugged all the cracks so that smoke did not enter the room, and waited for help. However, the firemen did not manage to reach the cinema in time.

After the incident, the IC initiated several criminal cases, as a result of which seven people were arrested. Persons of interest in the case of the fire in the shopping center were Nadezhda Suddenok, the CEO of the mall, Tanzilia Komkova, the head of the inspection of the state construction supervision of the Kemerovo Region, and the security guard of the shopping center Sergei Antyushin, who did not turn on the notification system manually after the fire began.



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