Chelyabinsk Region: literature teacher suspended for the “summoning Satan”

Chelyabinsk Region: literature teacher suspended for the “summoning Satan”
The teacher was mistaken for a Satanist.

Old memes were found on the teacher’s social network page, due to which he was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Russian language and literature teacher in a school of Nizhnesanarsk, the Chelyabinsk Region, was suspended from work and reported to the Prosecutor’s Office because of obscene pictures on his social network page and “summoning Satan” in front of students at school. The 32-year-old teacher himself says that he posted the pictures before started working at school, and what was called Satanism was the Cthulhu call spell from Howard Lovecraft's book, Chelyabinsk online reports. 

“One of the students recorded this on video and posted it on a social network with a comment: “The teacher summons Satan.” A few days later, on my birthday, the principal calls me and says: “Why are you summoning Satan there? Write a resignation statement on your own volition – parents want blood.” I refused to resign and consulted with a lawyer,” the teacher said.

According to him, he decided to acquaint students with Lovecraft in order to ignite interest in literature. The students allegedly did not show much enthusiasm for the subject and threatened to bring the teacher to justice “under the disgraceful article” if he pushes them too hard. 

After the scandal with the video on the social network, photos of naked bodies, blood, scenes of violence, cruelty, use of weapons, comments with obscene language and a picture of a male sexual organ were found on the teacher’s page. The teacher says that he kept everything in private albums in 2012–2016 before teaching and had already forgotten about those pictures.

A service check was launched with regard to the teacher, while the Prosecutor's Office conducts its own probe. He was suspended from work for the time of the investigation.



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