Chelyabinsk policeman kills his ex-wife, covers up the crime

Chelyabinsk policeman kills his ex-wife, covers up the crime
Alina Galimzhanova with her ex-husband

He claims that the ex-wife hanged herself. He tried to disguise the crime as an escape to the resort.

The search for 35-year-old Alina Galimzhanova lasted almost a month. The last person who saw her on June 18 was a former husband, police officer Slava (other information is not disclosed yet). They lived together for 12 years, they had a daughter but divorced a few years ago. The man met another woman, Alina and daughter got the apartment, he met with the child and even paid for utilities. But he was categorically against any new boyfriend and prohibited ex-wife to register on the dating site and make new acquaintances. Slava was allegedly afraid that she would find lovers and invited into the apartment where his daughter lives.

On June 18, Alina agreed to take things out of her husband's garage, since the roof was leaking. The police officer said during interrogations that he had taken his ex-wife to a bus stop near the house and no one had seen her again. And four days later Alina's sister received SMS: "I'm fine, I left for the Crimea. I'll be back in July. Do not tell Slavyan." At the same time, according to her sister's words, she never called her husband like that. Besides, she could not spontaneously go on a trip, because she was waiting for a daughter who was supposed to return from her grandmother.

According to her sister, Alina went on dates, attended nightclubs and met there. But she never invited anyone home and behaved decently.

The day before it became known that Alina Galimzhanova's body was found in a forest near Chelyabinsk. According to some reports, the former husband turned himself in. According to, on July 13 he told where he hid the body. He confirmed that he went to the garage with Alina to give some things.

"According to his version, he went out somewhere, and when he returned, he found his wife at the end of a rope. He took the body to the forest in the Krasnoarmeysky district and hid it there, a source in the police said. But the forensic expert concluded that the location of the ligature mark and other signs point at the murder, not the suicide."

The policeman was charged under part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder), by order of the court, he was placed in the pre-trial detention center. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region officially informed that the arrested person would be dismissed from the service for negative reasons.



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