Chelyabinsk Penitential Service says female ex-employee lies about abuse  

Chelyabinsk Penitential Service says female ex-employee lies about abuse
Ekaterina Shakurova Photo: Screenshot from the video

“Shakurova’s complaints that she was ‘abused’ by her coworker are untrue,” the administration said.

Chelyabinsk Federal Penitentiary Service said the statements of Ekaterina Shakurova, the former commander of the guard of Chelyabinsk Correctional Facility No. 5, about physical abuse by her superiors are lies. The FSIN gave an official commentary on this in a press release.

The department stated that Captain Shakurova served in Correctional Facility No. 5 between November 2006 and August 2016. In May 2015, she was fired after a service check "of alleged non-fulfillment of her duties on the post of commander of the guard". The captain found the dismissal illegal and went to court. Having considered the complaint, the Central District Court of Chelyabinsk found no grounds for recognizing the dismissal illegal. Then she appealed to the Chelyabinsk Regional Court and was reinstated in September 2015.

In August 2016, the captain was dismissed due to the termination of her contract. She went to court with another reinstatement claim but lost the cases in the first and second instance.

Shakurova’s complaints about being abused by a coworker were called untrue. "The criminal case was closed due to the lack of a corpus delicti," the department said.

Earlier, Ekaterina Shakurova posted a YouTube video addressed to the ICR head Alexander Bastrykin and FSIN head Gennady Kornienko claiming that her boss had beaten and insulted her. The immediate superior of the abuser was present during one of the humiliating incidents. According to the captain, she has been fired twice with subsequent reinstatement; each accompanied by new abuse.

According to Shakurova, one of the officials has retired; the other one is still in the bodies. Some say that he might be getting a promotion soon. Shakurova asked Bastrykin “to reinitiate the probe and bring the guilty ones to justice”, and asked Kornienko to help her get back her job. 

Video: Women Rights: Penitential Service Captain Opens Up About Abuse




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