Chelyabinsk Mayor's press secretary gets beaten

Chelyabinsk Mayor's press secretary gets beaten
Vladimir Safonov

As a result of the attack, Chelyabinsk Mayor's Press Secretary Vladimir Safonov has a broken finger and a torn lip.

According to the law enforcers, the incident occurred on the eve of May 7. The official was at his dacha site near the Karpov Pond, when two unknown persons attacked him. 

In Vladimir Safonov's words, he went there to check the construction progress of his house. When he saw that someone was burning boards inside, he entered the building and found two unfamiliar young people there. The men immediately attacked the city administration representative, beaten him, and then fled.

"They had previously burnt my roof. This time, I saw a fire inside the premises. Some young people were burning boards there. I came in, and they attacked me; there were two of them. I fought back so hard that I had my finger broken. I managed to tear off the hood of one of them. They fled to a nearby forest," Vladimir Safonov told the police officers, who arrived on the call. 

He also noted that he had no enemies. As for the attackers, he believes that they were 16-year-old teenagers. Vladimir Safonov also added that, according to the neighbors, they often saw teenagers outside of his house.

Currently, the young people are wanted by the police. According to Vladimir Safonov, this is the fourth case of arson of his property. The previous episode took place on Saturday 6 May, but he managed to put the fire out on his own. It is noteworthy that this time, the unknown persons left an inscription "Yasha and Gena were here" on the wall of the house, which may help detain the offenders.

It should also be noted that due to the injuries that Vladimir Safonov suffered as a result of the attack, he will not be able to anchor a live broadcast from the city parade on Victory Day. Now the Chelyabinsk mayor's office is urgently seeking a replacement.



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