Chelyabinsk deputy arrested for killing wife

Chelyabinsk deputy arrested for killing wife
Azat Zaripov

The suspect claims that he was unable to forgive his wife’s infidelity.

Azat Zaripov, a deputy of the Locomotive City District in the Chelyabinsk region, has been arrested on charges of killing his wife. According to the deputy, she wanted to take the children and go to Novosibirsk to another man, Chelyabinsk Online said.

Elena Zaripova worked in trading and used Cashberi for that. Since then, men often called her, even at night, the accused said. “Since February 2018, she’s been slipping away, there was no proximity, she became rude,” Zaripov said in court. Eventually, Elena allegedly wanted to get a divorce.

After a fight, Zaripov left home, drank four bottles of beer, came back to his wife who was “rude” to him, so the deputy grabbed a Saiga gun. He wanted to shoot in the stomach, but Elena pulled the gun away and the bullet hit her leg. The woman fell and Zaripov finished his wife off with a second shot. All that time, the deputy’s little son was trying to stop the man from killing his mom.

The mother of the deceased said she was not going to ask for a tougher sentence. The deputy said that he repents. “I am guilty and very much so,” Zaripov said.



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