Chelyabinsk deputies receive suspended sentences after drunk shooting in children's camp

Chelyabinsk deputies receive suspended sentences after drunk shooting in children's camp

The court has charged civil servants, who got drunk and began shooting in a children's camp, with vandalism.

The Snezhinsky City Court, Chelyabinsk took on the criminal case of two local civil servants who got drunk and began shooting firearms in the Orlenok Children's Camp. Former Town Hall employees Andrey Golovin and Viktor Fedorenko were convicted of ‘vandalism’ and received a 1.5 year suspended sentence each.

The investigation and court established that the incident took place in the Orlenok Children's Camp during school military training for 10 graders. Both perpetrators managed the event acting as a civil Defense & Emergency Inspector and the Head of the Legal Department of the Town Education Department.

The drunk civil servants took a Baikal BB pistol and Uzi BB replica about 11 PM. They then went to the buildings where high school students slept. First, they shot at windows and walls. Then, the drunk men broke into the buildings shouting and waivng the guns.

The civil servants took turns entering the buildings and giving different commands to the students (“capture”, “lay down”, “on the ground”, and “hands behind head”), the Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Region added. They showed guns to the children and shot near them.

The Camp director stopped the drunk civil servants’ ‘entertainment’ eventually; scarred teenagers contacted their parent who called the police.

Police officers confiscated guns from the two men and drew police reports once in the camp.

The incident went public only after the parents contacted media, according to the Region media outlets. Police tried to cover it up and pass it off as a ‘surprise training’ prior to that.

However, Chelyabinsk Governor Boris Dubrovsky supervised this high profile case personally; the perpetrators got convicted. The Education Department Head lost his job following the two civil servants. Police opened a criminal case against the two men for breaking the article 213, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Golovin and Fedorenko appeared to be sorry during the trial and pleaded guilty. The Court took into consideration that their actions did not have negative consequences and that the two perpetrators had been known as good employees prior to the incident. They both received 1.5 year suspended sentences. Moreover, the court barred them from teaching for 1.5 years.



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