Chechnya: gang of extremely dangerous militants neutralized

Chechnya: gang of extremely dangerous militants neutralized

According to the Head of the Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, some of them are relatives of emir Isa Muskiev, liquidated in 2006.⁠

Four particularly dangerous militants were killed during a special operation in the Kurchaloevsky district of Chechnya on January 11th. At the same time, one of the criminals managed to escape, one was detained, said the Head of the region, Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to him, the bandit was blocked, the capture operation will continue in the morning, January 12. According to preliminary information, some of liquidated militants are relatives of the liquidated in 2006 Isa Muskiev.

- Unfortunately, in the course of clashes, we have lost one of our comrade, - said the Head of Chechnya.

Gang leader Isa Muskiev, who was part of the inner circle of the so-called President of Ichkeria, Abdul-Khalim Saidulaev, according to the official version, was liquidated in 2006. Muskiev was responsible for three areas: the Shalinsky and Kurchaloevsky districts and the city of Argun. He was regarded as the Emir of the Shalinsky and Kurchaloevsky districts. He organized several attacks on police stations, as well as the school №5 in Argun in January 2005.

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