Chechnya enraged by stand up impression of Kadyrov 

Chechnya enraged by stand up impression of Kadyrov
Photo: Screenshot from the video

Many found the comedian’s joke stupid and indecent.

The KVN alumnus appeared on stage as Ramzan Kadyrov who greeted another comedian, Alexander Revva, in Grozny and showed him the local sights. At first, the impersonator talked about a hand-raised rhino and a cat healed in Switzerland. After that, Revva spotted a rooster and asked Galustyan, ‘Kadyrov’, whether it was a rooster – the word that also means ‘faggot’ in Russian.

 “What are you saying to me? We have no roosters in Chechnya. This is a man chicken,” the comedian replied.

Komsomolskaya Pravda said that not all Chechens appreciated the humorist’s impersonation of the republic’s head. Many found Galustyan’s jokes stupid and indecent.

"Things should be within the framework of decency, not within the limits of what is legally permitted. This is no longer humor; it’s mockery. Ramzan Kadyrov’s Russian is not perfect but his wit and logic are fine, unlike the image that Galustyan presented," a local paper said.

A user under the nickname zaurbekmah1 commented saying, “Mishka Galustyan is rather high-handed” and it is he that is “a real man chicken."

Galustyan’s rooster (‘petuh’) joke is about the last year investigation of Novaya Gazeta about the LGBT purge in Chechnya. Sometime after their publication, Kadyrov was interviewed by HBO and said laughingly, "We have no gays there."



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