Chechnya and Azerbaijan consider conflict at Neolit cafe in Moscow provocation of “third forces” 

Chechnya and Azerbaijan consider conflict at Neolit cafe in Moscow provocation of “third forces”
Adam Delimkhanov and Polad Bülbüloğlu

Duma member Adam Delimkhanov - during his meeting with ambassador Polad Bülbüloğlu - has criticized the conflict emerged in Moscow.

During the meeting of State Duma member from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov and Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia Polad Bülbüloğlu, both parties concluded that the conflict between Azerbaijanians and Chechens had been a provocation of “third forces.”

“Today, we both know who did it and why. As a matter of fact, we consider this theory and do not deny that: someone sent these Azerbaijani guys on purpose… in order to spoil our relationships… to the benefit of themselves,” the Duma member said. Bülbüloğlu agreed with him. “It is hard to break our friendship. Unfortunately, there are third forces who apply to it. They’re doing their best, but we’re going to stand against them. I would like to emphasize that it didn’t only occur in Moscow, but around Russia, as well. Those who do it and those who instigate to it shall be punished,” the ambassador said.

Earlier, on February 16, the ambassador and representative of Azerbaijan’s MIA - Pol. Major General Akper Yusifov - met a head of the general directorate of Russia’s MIA in Moscow Lt. Gen. Oleg Baranov. He noted law enforcement officers are investigating both incidents including the fight at Neolit cafe. However, he did not specify what second incident he kept in mind.

Rosbalt with reference to its sources within law enforcement reported the murder of a native of Azerbaijan Garib Orujev in southeast Moscow on the night of February 15 had been a continuation of the fight at Moscow’s Neolit cafe where the fight and shooting between natives of Azerbaijan and Chechnya had taken place. According to the official theory, the conflict was a domestic assault. Another theory is that the fight was of interethnic nature due to abusive remarks made by the Chechen. The Azerbaijanians beat him and made him apologize in front of the video recorder. When he was let go, he complained to his countrymen who rushed into the Neolit cafe owned by Azerbaijanian Yashar Aliev. The same evening, 52-year-old native of Azerbaijan Garib Orujev was shot dead (at least four times from a Glock pistol) on Moscow’s Samarkandsky boulevard. According to Rosbalt source, Orujev was a criminal ‘authority’ who headed an Azerbaijanian ‘team’, and the Neolit cafe where the interethnic fight had taken place was his headquaters.



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