Chechens thank Kadyrov for fighting witches

Chechens thank Kadyrov for fighting witches

According to Chechens, Kadyrov protects them “from all enemies, open and hidden.”

Residents of Chechnya have expressed via social networks their gratitude to Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov for fighting sorcerers.

A news story about a local resident Sekinat Ibragimova, who was detained at the entrance to the Nadterechny district from Mozdok, was previously shown on Grozny TV channel. According to law enforcers, she provided magical services for six years.

Locks, keys, soil from cemeteries, papers with obscure inscriptions, and photographs of people with names and requests were seized from the woman. According to police, these items are typical for those who practice magic. 

Ibragimova repented of her deeds and apologized in front of a camera. “I was on the wrong track... Don't ask me anything anymore,” she said. 

Users from Chechnya have commented on this news in the Kavkaz.Realii group on Facebook.

“That's right. Well done, Ramzan,” Kazbek Kavkaz wrote.

“I express gratitude to Ramzan Kadyrov for protecting his people from all enemies, open and hidden,” Gektor Chechenskiy noted.

“These sorcerers have caused many family troubles and misfortunes,” Shamil Guseynov added.

However, not all Chechen users appreciated the fight against witches.

“On the basis of what Russian laws do these witch hunters act, exactly?” Shamil Abakarov asked.

The hunt for healers and psychics in Chechnya began in 2013. Back then, Kadyrov announced the fight against magicians, which led to the detention of dozens of people. Many of them went missing. Over time, the campaign began to subside but reinvigorated last summer.

Video: Witch detained in Chechnya



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