Chechen trace is contrived? Case of attack on Emelianenko's daughter suspended

Chechen trace is contrived? Case of attack on Emelianenko's daughter suspended
Fedor Emelianenko

The attacker on world-famous fighter Emelianenk's daughter Mary was not found. Now, detectives are skeptical - whether he was at all.

The MD MIA in Moscow formally suspended the investigation into the attack on the daughter of Fedor Emelianenko. According to Life, operatives have not been able to confirm the information about the attack, and a famous athlete's family refused to give evidence. On videos from outdoor cameras located in the area of ​​the attack on the girl, the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (CID) employees have not seen any attack or suspicious people, who could make it.

Recall, October, 11 unknown beat daughter of world famous fighter Emelianenko Mary. At first, the girl did not tell about the beating, but later her condition deteriorated and she was taken into the hospital.

Shortly before, Fedor Emelianenko criticized in his Instagram a fighting tournament in Grozny, which was attended by children, including sons of Kadyrov. The Head of Chechnya said that in this way the MMA federation president violated the rules of ethics and morality.

When it became known about the attack on Fedor's daughter, many tied it with a criticism of the Head of Chechnya and began to look for the Chechen trace. However, Kadyrov subdued all, who "insulted the honor and dignity" of the world famous fighter. And he demanded to find and punish the assailant to Emelianenko's daughter. According to him, the offender must be convicted for the incitement of ethnic hatred. Later, investigators, according to Mary Emelianenko, reported that the attacker had a Slavic appearance. But he was not found.

In addition, after clarifying questions, the girl began to be confused in the testimony. When CID officers began to interview Mary's friends, someone confessed that the story of the attack was a fabrication.

Detectives also failed to check this information because the athlete's family refused to conduct additional investigative actions with the girl. The investigation may be resumed if the victim can help the investigation to find or open the new circumstances. Mary can not be brought to the responsibility for false denunciation due to the age.



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