Chechen terrorist is suspected of involvement in Istanbul terrorist attack 

Chechen terrorist is suspected of involvement in Istanbul terrorist attack
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Ahmed Chatayev is suspected of organization of terrorist attack in the Turkish airport. Russia suspects him of involvement in the second Chechen campaign, and names him a major recruiter in Syria. At the same time, law enforcement agencies of different countries refused to extradite him.

The security services of Turkey have detained 13 people involved in organizing terrorist attack at the airport of Istanbul. The Turkish media reported that the organizer of the terrorist attack is Chatayev Ahmed, who previously worked for the leader of a criminal organization "Imarat Kavkaz" Doka Umarov, and joined the ISIL (organization banned in Russia) after his death. Three terrorists, who blew themselves up at the Istanbul airport, were natives of Russian Dagestan (name of Osman Vadinov, who arrived in Turkey from Syrian Raqqa was mentioned), Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the Turkish news agency Yeni Safak. 

Earlier, Chatayev has already been a center of attention of the Russian security forces. In 2003, he was arrested for participating in illegal armed formations opposing the federal forces during the second Chechen campaign. In 2011, Russia sent a request for extradition of Akhmed Chatev to Bulgaria. He was arrested on May 19 at the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. In early July, the district court of the Bulgarian town of Haskovo decided to extradite Chatayev in Russia, but he appealed the court's decision. On 21 of July 2011, the Court of Appeal of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv refused to extradite suspect in terrorist activities Chechnya-born Ahmed Chatayev to Russia.

Чатаев в суде Болгарии (2011г.)

Having a status of a refugee in Austria, Chatayev is suspected of having links to Chechen rebels in the period from 1999 to 2007, in recruitment of new terrorists and financing terrorist activities in Chechnya during this time. In particular, prosecution states that he gave 12,000 euro to some terrorist group. Chatayev claimed that he was "in Azerbaijan, and lives in Austria since 2003 " during the stated period. The court decided not to extradite Chatayev, as he was granted asylum in Austria, and he is under protection of the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention on Refugees from 1951, which Bulgaria also signed. 

In 2012, Chatayev was among members of the armed group, who took hostage a few residents of the border areas of Georgia and took refuge in the woods. Chatayev was the only one who was detained alive during the special operation conducted by Georgian police. He was not given to Russia then too. After the change of power in Georgia, in October of the same year, the Tbilisi City Court acquitted him. In 2015, the US put him in a anti-terrorist sanctions list. Russian law enforcement agencies called Chatayev a major recruiter of Russians in ISIL. According to the special services, he commanded a major group of militants in Syria, formed mainly from among the natives of the North Caucasus republics. He also has connections with recruiters who tried to attract Moscow State University student Varvara Karaulova, who was detained when attempting to illegally cross the border and returned back home. 

To remind: 3 explosions hit international terminal of the Istanbul's Ataturk airport on 28 of June. The attack killed 42 people, injured 239.



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